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National Student Research Group - Office of the Associate Dean for Research
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National Student Research Group

The National Student Research Group (NSRG) Roseman CODM-SJ Chapter is affiliated with the American Association for Dental Research (AADR). We aim to promote student involvement in dental research and focus on implementing evidence-based dentistry within the clinic as well as the classroom. We provide support for students who are interested in research and connect them to faculty members who are doing research. We offer a forum for fellow students to connect and communicate research ideas. Moreover, we strive to promote inter-disciplinary advancement of research between professional programs on campus (i.e. Dental, Pharmacy, Nursing, Medicine).

President: Olivia Kalloo
President-Elect/Vice-President: Sharon Su
Secretary: Madeline Harris
Treasurer: Jacob O’Brien
Historian: Caileen Sylvester
Fundraising Chairs: Tapasya Gurumurthy, Gagan Panesar
Social Media Chair: Richelle Castro
D1 Representative: Shivanesh Naicker

Faculty Advisors:
Dr. Man Hung
Dr. William Carroll
Dr. Joseph Cheever
Dr. Kamran Awan

For more information, please visit http://nsrgroseman.weebly.com/.