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CORE Service

The Clinical Outcomes Research and Education (CORE) provides services to clients both internal and external of the institution in order to enhance the quality of research. Its services include research design and consultation, clinical trial design and monitoring, data processing and cleaning, data document construction, statistical analysis and interpretation, report of data analysis, data simulation, sample size calculation, table and figure creation, survey development and validation, computerized adaptive test design and development, survey delivery and automation, machine learning model development and deployment, database design, enterprise data warehouse design, web design and development, data visualization, 3D printing design and modeling, text mining, genomic analysis, image analysis, dashboard design and development, qualitative data analysis, natural language processing, manuscript formatting and submission, manuscript edits, grant proposal edits, feedback for manuscript writing and consultation for grant proposal development.

The CORE is operated under the full direction of the Office of Research and Graduate Education at Roseman University College of Dental Medicine. For service request and discussion, please contact Dr. Hung’s administrative assistant to set up meeting.

CORE Director
Dr. Man Hung

CORE Co-Director
Dr. Frank W. Licari

Research Associate
Dr. Amir Mohajeri

Research Faculty
Dr. Nadine Almpani

CORE Manager
Sabrina Cervantes