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Evidence-Based Dental Research Council

The Evidence-Based Dental Research Council (EDRC) serves as a collaborative hub for codm lifelong colleagues to learn and share ideas about research, and to integrate scientific evidence from research studies into dental education and clinical practice. Its meetings are run by EDRC Student Chairs with coordination from NSRG officers.

Chair: Dr. Man Hung

Student Chairs: Bao Thao, Golnoush Zakeri

Members: All faculty, residents, students and staff

Coordinators: NSRG officers

Secretary: NSRG President (who will send meeting agenda, invites and reminders, and take meeting minutes)

EDRC Faculty Advisor: Dr. Man Hung

SCADA Faculty Advisor: Dr. Man Hung

Hinman Faculty Advisor: Dr. Man Hung

Meetings are normally held in the South Jordan College of Dental Medicine D1 Classroom from 12pm to 1pm, or 6pm to 7pm (Mountain Time) on the first Tuesday of each month, subject to change. Please contact EDRC Student Chairs for further information.