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2021 Roseman Dental Research Conference - Office of the Associate Dean for Research
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2021 Roseman Dental Research Conference

To watch the research presentations, please click on the project titles below.

  1. A Comparison of Men and Women’s Oral Health (Presenter: Sharon Su)
  2. Application of Artificial Intelligence in Examining COVID-19 Sentiments (Presenter: Vicky Jungweon Park)
  3. Application of Machine Learning to Predict 30-Day Hospital Readmissions in Patients with Atrial Fibrillation (Presenter: Jacob O’Brien)
  4. Artificial Intelligence in Dentistry: Harnessing Big Data to Predict Oral Cancer Survival (Presenter: Sara Moazzami)
  5. Assessing Early Dental Prevention Approach to Reduce Operative Procedures (Presenter: Dean Orton)
  6. Assessment of Mouthguard Characteristics and Use by High School Football Players (Presenter: Amanda Le)
  7. Characteristics of Individuals with Oral HPV positive results (Presenters: Ashley Zhang, Lindsay Chou)
  8. Cold Hydraulic Condensation: A Retrospective Study of Endodontic Treatment Outcome Performed by Undergraduate Dental Students (Presenter: Ankit Parikh)
  9. Correlation between Student Engagement & Comprehension (Presenter: Nik Diederich)
  10. E-cigarette Effects on Oral Cells Metabolism (Presenters: Caileen Sylvester, Olivia Kalloo)
  11. Factors Affecting Dental Students’ Comfort with Online Synchronous Learning (Presenters: Olivia Kalloo, Roberto Lara)
  12. HPV profiles of females in the United States (Presenter: Jacob Tuft)
  13. Impact of COVID 19 on Dentists (Presenter: Jessica Bishop)
  14. Impact of COVID-19: Overview of Experiences Across Age, Sex, Race, and SES (Presenter: Richelle Castro)
  15. Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on dental education (Presenter: Sharon Su)
  16. Incorporating “Prevention Aspects” into Spring Training Dental Examinations: Professional Baseball Players Assessment (Presenter: Caitlin Parker)
  17. On-Site Assessment and Management of Dental Injuries in Sports (Presenter: Caitlin Parker)
  18. Oogenesis in Tardigrades (Presenter: Shalini Namathirtham)
  19. Orthodontic Expenditures (Presenters: Alex Macdonald, Edgar Tilley)
  20. Personal and Political Ideologies to Pandemic Response: Intricacies in the COVID-19 Era (Presenter: Gary Spencer Judd)
  21. Student Engagement and Comprehension Outcomes Using Tactile and Virtual Learning (Presenters: Peter Dang, Teresa Vu)
  22. Student Perceptions of COVID-19’s Effect on Dental Education (Presenters: Nicole Hablitzel, Diarmid Hall)
  23. Tobacco and e-Cigarette user perception of health across gender (Presenters: Bao Thao, Melissa Mathews)