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Roseman Dental Research Conference (January 13, 2021; 11:30am to 1:30pm)

All Roseman Doctor of Dental Medicine students involving in research in 2020 deliver an oral presentation in this conference.

Click here to watch the student research presentations.Instruction for oral presentation preparation

  • The oral presentation should be prepared using PowerPoint with approximately 10 slides. It must include the following slides: Cover slide (Title of the study, team member names, name of the event, and date of the event), Introduction slide(s) outlining the background and purpose of the study, Methods slide(s) describing the research methods, or the methods under consideration if the study is in the conceptualization stage, Results slide(s) displaying the findings or outlining anticipated results if the study is still in the early stage, and Discussion slide(s) to discuss the impact of the study, or the potential impact of the study if the study has not been completed yet.
  • Students can google search for “oral research presentation PowerPoint examples” to get an inspiration in preparing an oral presentation in PowerPoint slides. They should work with their codm faculty principal investigator to put together this oral presentation.
  • After the PowerPoint is completed, do a 10-minute video recording of the student presenting the research on the PowerPoint slides. If students are not sure how to do this, they can contact the NSRG officers for assistance.
  • After the entire PowerPoint with video recording is completed, students need to send it to the NSRG officers prior to the deadline specified in the timeline below.

Timeline 11/13: The Office of the Associate Dean for Research sends out event notification to the College
12/1: Students complete PowerPoint slides
12/2: Students practice and video record presentations
1/2: Students complete video recordings
1/3: Deadline for students to submit video recordings
1/6: Student presentation entries post online
1/11: Deadline for each judge to submit ratings of the student presentations
1/13: Roseman Dental Research Conference (11:30am to 1:30pm)

Conference Program


Student Research Awards

  • Best Educational Research Award (selected by judges)
  • Best Clinical Research Award (selected by judges)
  • Best Health Services Research Award (selected by judges)
  • Best New Student Researcher Award (selected by judges)
  • Best Research Presentation Award (selected by judges)
  • Best Study Design Award (selected by judges)
  • Research Excellence Award (selected by judges)
  • Research Recognition Award (from Research Dean)
  • Roseman SCADA Winner Award (see information below)
  • Roseman Hinman Winner Award (see information below)

CODM Research Awards


SCADA & Hinman Student Selection

  • Judges: Dr. Frank W. Licari, Dr. Joseph Cheever, Dr. William Carroll, Dr. Angela Christensen
  • Judges will rate according to scientific design, methods, innovation, importance, presentation and other pertinent areas.
  • Dr. Man Hung makes final decision on student selection by taking into consideration of the recommendations from the judges and the feasibility of project completion as well as merit